September 14, 2008

An afternoon at the River

We went to a local river a couple weeks ago to let the kids have some fun and to spend some time with our friends. It was so pretty and Carson was loving exploring the rocks, the rope swing, the water and the surrounding trees. Livi had fun making soup on the beach with her friend Tori, and she even ventured out onto the rocks a couple times. It was a nice afternoon, and then we went to our friends' house afterward for some hot dogs, watermelon and fresh tomatoes from her garden. We had good conversations and I left wanting to spend more time with them. It was kind of a "summer's ending, bring on the fall" type of day. Very pretty.

September 4, 2008

A Post Script

Yesterday Carson realized that he "won't have to go on any more boring errands...cuz you and Livi can do them when I'm at school!" He's a smart cookie. I'm not sure how often I'll take him up on it, but maybe sometimes. :-)

September 3, 2008

Carson's First Day of Preschool

Carson is doing a year of Pre-K at Baymonte Christian Preschool, at the Little Red Schoolhouse campus. We are so excited for him. He'll go in the afternoons, and his class only has 7 kids in it right now, which is pretty neat.

Last week, there was an orientation at the school for us to go and play and get some more info. On the way home, I said, " get to start school next week!!" And he said, "Without you?" "Yeah!" (wondering in that split second before he answered if he was sad or okay with that) And he replied with great enthusiasm, "Yesssssss!!!". I'm so glad he's thrilled....but doesn't he know it makes me kinda sad?? :-)

We dropped him off today and got him settled for a minute....he seemed like he was right at home. We waved to us thru the "waving window" and said goodbye, as I was waving off the welling in my throat of those happy/sad tears. He was very happy to be there, which made it so much easier for me.

His teacher, Mrs. Lemmon

Livi and I headed back home to eat lunch together and go for a walk, all the while she was relishing the one-on-one time with me. I think these afternoons are going to be very special for us. Then she went down for some quiet time in her room. After about 20 minutes she was very quiet and I went down to check on her and here's what I precious.

I love that she just gets in her bed and covers up and drifts off. She's done this a handful of times, and it's just so sweet. I had to wake her up to go get Carson. The 3 hours flew by, it was really amazing.

Carson had a great day and really connected with one of the other boys, they played most of the time together. He made a cool apple craft, and is excited to go back.

Praise God that he's given us this little boy to raise, we are so grateful for him and are excited to see where the Lord takes him.