October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009


I didn't get a final picture yet!

Our pink poodle and Buzz Lightyear

The crew of friends we have trick-or-treated with every year.

October 26, 2009

Right Now I Am...

making pumpkin pancakes at 8:30 at night because I'm PREGNANT!!!! and they sounded really good!

Yes....the third Hughes child is due May 24, 2010!!

We are so excited that God gave us this little surprise blessing, and his mercies have so been over me this pregnancy...I've been feeling really quite good, in comparison to how I felt with Carson and Olivia....it's amazing. I haven't thrown up even once yet! Not to say I haven't had my fair share of gagging (my nose is my very worst enemy right now!)

I'm at 10 weeks today, and I feel like I look closer to 20! This belly is just popping right out! Is this what happens with the third one, or am I just really out of shape, or is it because I'm not throwing up all the food I'm eating (every 2 hours at the very most, I must eat)...so that's probably not helping the belly situation. :-)

The kids are really excited. Livi especially is thrilled and she talks to the baby every day. She daydreams out loud of all the things she's going to do for the baby (hold her, feed him, buy "newborn baby diapers", etc.) She really wants a baby sister. Carson really wants a baby brother. He was so excited that after we told them at dinner a couple weeks ago, he wanted to run outside and tell all the neighbors.

So anyways, just wanted to post that. I've been such a blog slacker....I'm going to bed so early any more, that I've lost all my blog posting time (I've still been reading blogs because that doesn't take as much brain power/thought), but I hope to get some pictures up soon of what's been going on in our family over the past few months.

Check back soon!

October 24, 2009


These are just a sampling of the variety of questions I've been asked in recent weeks by my kids. Their curious minds are so wonderful. :-)

What's the sky made out of?

Where's heaven?

What are drugs?

Can Guinnea pigs barf?

How do stars and moons float around out there?

Why don't boys wear bras?

Why doesn't Curious George have a mom?