April 30, 2007

Praise God....

from whom all blessings flow! Yay! We went to the dentist for Carson's 6 month check up and cleaning and he did so great! The last few times he's gone were not so great. I'm embarrassed to say that he's already had 5 cavities, but I can also breathe easy knowing it wasn't all us, genetics plays a big part as he was born with weak enamel on his teeth, making him more prone to decay. The dentist said that somewhere in the 4th or 5th month in utero is when the enamel is formed and a variety of things can affect that, I'm not sure what it was in our case, but something must have, poor guy. I sure am so thankful for dental care and insurance! He was nervous to go in, understandably so, since the last 2 times he's had to go under anesthesia and that's just weird for such little ones. But he was so brave and although he was very nervous he hopped right up into that big chair and let them brush and polish his teeth and floss and do the fluoride, etc. He did fantastic, I was beaming with pride...after the dentist reminded me to breath as he was checking for cavities or anything else wrong. All looked great. The brushing/flossing regimen is working! Thank you, Lord! Jason came home early from work to take Carson out to get a goldfish as a reward for doing so well at the dentist (it's something he's been wanting for a while). But Carson was so tired that he fell asleep at the pet shop in Jason's arms, so they didn't come home with goldie, just a sleeping boy. Maybe tomorrow we can try again.

April 28, 2007

Beach Day

We went down to Twin Lakes Beach today after Livi got up from her nap, we had so much fun! We went and got some burritos and took them over to the beach with us and ate and played in the sand for a few hours.

Just Blue Eyes

April 22, 2007

We went to the beach last week with our friends Robyn and Ocean. I only got one picture before my battery went kaput, so if I get some pictures from Robyn, I'll try to put them up. It was a gorgeous day, very comfortable weather and the kids had a great time playing in the sand and water. Carson got so wet, he had to ride home naked because I forgot to pack extra clothes! Poor guy. Good thing it was warm.

Carson and Livi love to take baths. Sometimes they forget how much they like it till they get in.

Livi woke up with some really great nap hair! Yeah girl!

April 19, 2007


These are things I wrote down a long while back on a paper on the fridge, just so I'd remember them, so I'll put them down here. He was 2 when he said these things:

He used to call that yummy meal we make sometimes Chicken Lollipop Pie!
He used to call English muffins Angel muffins.
And when his stomach hurt he had a tummy wake. :-)

Just recently he told me:
"I've been waiting for
years to get flip flops!!" (He still doesn't have them, but apparently he's been really wanting some)

"Mommy, I have mold on my hands...why do I have mold on my hands?" (He said this as he was eating breakfast, and I'm still not sure what he was talking about)

"Why don't I have fur on my hands?" (he's afraid of putting bandaids on his legs or arms or anywhere where there is "fur" since it hurts when we take them off) :-) One time he asked where his fur (down there) went, and then he came to the conclusion that it must have blown off. (Little does he know that when he's about 13 the winds will change and it will come back) :-) hehehe.

"I think we should get Gracie some butt bones!" (after we got Gracie some natural mint bones to make her breath smell better)...hmmm he might be on to something! :-) And yes, she could use some.

I'm sure there will be many more to come, so I'll post them when I can.

April 10, 2007

What to do?

Here is my question.....what do you do with all your kids' artwork? Do you keep every coloring/painting picture, craft they do at church or school, etc??? We have so much and I honestly sneak it into the trash sometimes cuz I'm not sure what to do with it. Should I feel guilty for doing that? Any experienced moms out there happy/glad that they kept every piece of art??? Where do you store it all if so? Is it okay for me to throw some of it away without asking or telling? :-) Help?!

April 9, 2007


So we've lived here more than 3 1/2 years and have never even been to the boardwalk! Hard to believe, I know. So, today our friends invited us along to use their guest pass so Carson could go on some rides with his friend, Jack. Thanks, Michelle!!! It was so much fun! Carson was eager to do all the rides he could, without any fear! He even rode on the dragon roller coaster which was actually pretty fast and whirly and loopy for a little kid roller coaster! He loved it! Here are a few pics of him on some of the rides. Fun times. Livi was pretty content to just push the stroller around and hang on the bars outside the rides. :-)

April 8, 2007

Easter Sunday!

This morning we hid Easter baskets for the kids. We read the Easter story from Carson's Bible (and then the good Samaritan story...that's his favorite), and then they went and searched the house to find their own surprises. Looks like Livi got a mouthful of jellybeans...nothing like a sugar rush first thing in the morning! Whoa girl!

A friend at church tried to get a picture of us, this is the best that came of it. It was a gorgeous day and the service was so great, filled with awesome music and a wonderful message about why we ought to believe in the risen Jesus and how he can change our lives. You can listen to the sermon we heard today at www.tlc.org.
"Jesus was handed over to die because of our sins, and he was raised to life to make us right with God." (Romans 4:25)
Happy Easter!!!

I had been trying to get an Easter picture of the kids to include in the cards we made for our families, and a friend came over and managed to get the kids to both smile at the same time! So this is the one I used. Nothing fancy, but it works! :-)

Carson got a little haircut out on the deck. Jason does a really great job with the clippers and he used the scissors on the top this time and it turned out really cute. I didn't get a good shot after it was done, but you can tell in the Easter pictures we'll post. Carson did such a great job sitting still and patient. He always gets rewarded with something yummy, this time it was a bowl of ice cream with whipped cream and sprinkles! Knowing that's waiting for him usually helps him sit still. :-)

Lovely Livi.....hmmm... try saying that 10 times fast!

Playgroup Easter Party

We had an Easter party with our playgroup this week where the kids decorated eggs and cookies and went on an egg hunt. They had a great time playing with their friends and enjoyed lots of treats.

Carson and Livi have the same expression on their faces!!! I think they have mouths full of jellybeans!

Signs of Spring

There are so many trees and flowers blossoming everywhere. This purple tree sits across the street from us and is especially pretty in the morning.
Once again, another treat from Trader Joe's...8 lovely daffodils for $1.99. They bring such cheer into our house. I love spring!

April 1, 2007

Peet's at the Park

On Friday it was a gorgeous spring day, so we decided to go over to the new Peet's coffee shop and then head to the Felton Covered Bridge park. We hadn't been there in a while and the kids had fun. The coffee was delicious and the sun felt great on our backs. It was a nice morning. Peet's is the 6th coffee shop in our little town of 11,000. We have 3 Starbucks (one is in Safeway), a Coffee Cat, a Surf City, and now a Peet's. It's great.

I tried to get some good pics of the kids together so we could make some Easter cards, but they just weren't in the mood. I think I'll have to try again when they aren't tired and hot and hungry!