May 29, 2007


We went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium this past Sunday, over Memorial Day weekend. It was pretty crowded, but we had such a great time. The parking lot was full (just like that time we went over President's Day weekend, Mom!), but this time we didn't drive around for an hour to find a place to park. We just parked several blocks down and enjoyed a nice walk down Cannery Row. I always feel like I'm on vacation when I go down there, it's such fun. My absolute favorite thing to see is the Ocean Sun Fish. This creature is incredible, I could watch it for hours. It has very shiny, silver, crumply skin and is just so strange looking, it's fascinating. I'm always just amazed at God's creation when I see all these things from this other world down in the water. There are so many different creatures on this planet!

Barbasol Boy

Carson loves to play with shaving cream. And what cheap entertainment! You can get a big can of it for about $1. And it's easy to clean up and he smells great afterward! What fun! And his imagination runs wild when he's playing with it, I think this time he was turning himself into a robot.

May 23, 2007

Gilroy Gardens

Last weekend we decided to check out Gilroy Gardens. We had heard about it from lots of different people over the past year, about what a great place it is for young kids, it's so clean, the rides are all geared for youngn's, it's beautiful, etc. So we went and had a great time! We're excited to go back again. The kids rode on all sorts of rides, all garden themed, like the strawberry twirl, and the garlic spinny thing, and hot air balloons, and swan paddle boats, and worms and fish, etc. It was a great time.

$0.31 scoop night!

We went out for ice cream at Baskin Robbins a couple weeks ago with some friends. I love watching kids eat ice cream, it's so fun and messy. Livi picked the pink one, she loves anything pink. :-)

While we were there we saw a sign on the wall for a sale the next day for $0.31 scoops! Hmmmm ice cream out 2 days in a row? Better not (at least for the kids), but I went to my yoga class the next night and afterward I headed back to B&R to get Jason and myself a scoop to take home, who can pass up a deal like that?!!! It's all about balance and moderation, right? Go exercise and then go out to ice cream! The best is that my yoga teacher came into the ice cream shop right after me! :-) I didn't feel so bad then, not that I really did in the first place.

Our little escape artist

This picture is from about a month ago, but one morning Livi was downstairs playing and I went to check on her because I heard some commotion by the front door. I went over to see that she had gotten the stool from the bathroom and carried it all the way to the front door so she could be tall enough to reach the locks. I guess she really wanted to go out to play!

May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

Because you're my mom, I grew up knowing Jesus.
Because you're my mom, I've always felt loved.

Because you're my mom, I have someone whose qualities I want to emulate, especially the grace and thoughtfulness and practicality and generosity and all-around-good-attitude we can all see in you.

Because you're my mom, I like chocolate and I like to chew my candy.

Because you're my mom, I am a morning person.

Because you're my mom, I have learned the power and necessity of prayer.

Because you're my mom, I like to sit in the sun and read.

Because you're my mom, I like to make birthdays and other holidays special.

Because you're my mom, I can care for Carson and Livi the way you care for me and Matt.

Because you're my mom, I get the good pleasure of looking like you.

Because you're my mom, and you've been a good example about this, I'm trying not to let my insecurities get in the way of friendships.

Because you're my mom, I love coming home.
Because you're my mom, I've been blessed beyond measure.

I love you, Mom!


We went down to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA with our friends to pick some strawberries on Friday and it was such fun! (next time you purchase a package of strawberries you might notice on the label that this is where they are grown) I love going out in the fields and picking out the best and most beautiful berries you can find. It's like a treasure hunt and the rows of shiny red beauties are endless, it's hard to leave cuz you know that there is so much left that could be discovered (and eaten!) And boy are they juicy and sweet! The sign said it's okay to sample, but not graze, and all the kids were just on the verge of grazing, it was hard to control them!...what temptation lies out in those fields. Yum! The cute old man, Norm, at the table where we paid was sweet about it, and was certain we hadn't crossed over into the grazing category, although each of our kids had a red juicy circle around their lips. :-) We'll definitely be going back there this summer, July is raspberry picking season, and I'd love to try that.

Ohhhhh, this tastes SO good!!!

May 2, 2007

His name is Bubba

Well, we ended up back at the pet store yesterday and Carson picked out a fish! It was so cute watching him hold it in the bag and carry it to the counter, he looked so proud and nervous and responsible! He decided to name him Bubba. Later that night he wanted to change it to WeeWee, but we encouraged him to stick with Bubba. :) So here's our new $0.19 pet.

Bubba in the bag

Bubba in the bag in the bowl

Meet Bubba