June 24, 2011

Camping in Big Basin

We had a wonderful camping trip with the Mathison Family last weekend up at Big Basin Redwood state park. This was our 3rd year of camping together and it was such fun! Our kids get along so well together and we enjoy being with their family so much!

This was Spencer's first camping trip....actually he came with us 2 years ago, but he was probably smaller than a poppy seed at that point (we came home and took a pregnancy test and found out we were expecting him!)
He loved it. Since he's not walking yet (13 mos.), he was a little dirt ball all weekend, but he had so much fun crawling all around playing with sticks and rocks and rope. He slept pretty well the first night, at first I was nervous cuz he woke up when we all came in to the tent to go to bed and was confused that we were all sleeping in there with him, but after nursing him he settled back down pretty well, and then the second night I nursed him before I put him in his pack and play and he slept ALL NIGHT LONG! He wasn't even doing that at home, and since that night he has slept thru the night every night.....and that also was the last time I nursed him. Sort of sad, but kind of nice as well. :-) I can tell he still wants to nurse every once in a while, but he's pretty satisfied with his milk and water.

Here he's enjoying a donut:

This is the adorable Breck....having a spoonful of Nutella:

Look at all that dirt all over us! What fun!

It's so hard to get good pictures of this boy....he's constantly moving, but he stopped for a minute to give me a s'more face....this boy loves the campfire, that's where he spent almost all weekend.
These girls all had their Binky Bunnies. I made one for Breck and brought it camping, she was thrilled to get it. I love the fabric for hers. They all were very loved and dirty by the end of the weekend!

We took a great hike up to a waterfall.....don't mind me picking a mango out of my tooth: :-)

Livi found a way to entertain herself by creatively tying up her shoelaces....
Beautiful little girls, such sweet friends:

My boys:
All 6 kids:

The boys:

Wonderful way to start the summer:

Love, love, love being in God's beautiful creation with such great friends.