February 27, 2007

Fudge Pops & Feeding Babies

Livi was having some applesauce and decided her baby was hungry, too. So she offered some to her. It was so cute, she made all the sound effects and even washed off her face when she was done! She loves her baby. :)

We made some fudge pops the other day from a recipe we got from Alton Brown off the Food Network. They turned out delicious! The kids loved them....and so did I...I found myself sneaking bites throughout the day. Sometimes I have to be a closet eater...when I don't want the kids having what I'm having...that's bad, huh.

February 21, 2007

Grandma Time

Grandma Warkenthien came to town for about 4 days for a visit. It was a lot of fun! The weather was so good we got to go to the beach on Saturday, and afterwards we went downtown for the best pizza in the world at Pizza My Heart.
We went to the Buttery for some pastries on Monday, and again got to sit out in the wonderful sunshine...what a treat for the middle of February! Then we headed up Hwy. 1 for a trip to Half Moon Bay where we walked around downtown and enjoyed the sunshine some more and on the way home stopped to watch the kite surfers...what a fun day we had! And of course we went to Trader Joe's to pick up some goodies for Grandma to bring home for Bumpa. :-)
So here are a couple pics from our time together.

Grandma brought a new outfit, I think she likes it!

February 16, 2007


Jason's in Colorado this weekend with some friends from college. So I was downstairs tonight getting Livi ready for bed, and I came upstairs to find that Carson had gotten into my pajamas. He was very proud of himself...and it was so cute. He's pretty big into "doing things by himself" now, actually both kids are, so he thought it was pretty funny that he put my pj's on while I was out of the room. And look at that funny camera smile. He's a crack up. He keeps us laughing. :-)

Children's Museum

We went to the children's museum in San Jose this morning with some friends. The kids had a great time. Livi has a bit of a cold, but it didn't stop her from having fun! Despite wearing her apron, she was covered with paint, all over her face and arms and shirt. She was handpainting on a wall. It's a neat museum, with tons of hands-on activities for all ages. It was a gorgeous day today, and it was fun to play outside for a bit before we headed home.

February 15, 2007

Sunglasses and Valentines

Carson fell asleep on the way home from a friend's house with his sunglasses on, I thought it was so cute, he loves his sunglasses.

We had a picnic on our living room floor for Valentine's Day dinner and then we had fondue for dessert...Carson loved it as you can tell by his face!

February 12, 2007

Painting and Baking, our Favorite Things

Carson loves to bake. Today we made some sugar cookie dough for some Valentine's Day cookies that we'll decorate tomorrow. By the way his pants look, it doesn't seem that his apron is doing much good. :-)
Our "official taster", as he calls himself. Gotta love licking the beater !
Carson and Livi both love to paint. It's always a messy process...but what can't be washed, right? Well, we've ruined a few pieces of clothing, even the "washable" paint, isn't completely washable, we learned. O'well, it's worth the fun and the portraits that come of it.

February 11, 2007

Cute Kids

I've decided to start a blog for our family! I actually started one last May, but I was at a point where I didn't have as much time to devote to figuring out how to do all this techy stuff, but maybe I do now, so I'm going to give it a shot. I'll try to be good about updating it often, I know I sure love reading other friend's blogs. So to start off, here are a couple recent pics of our kiddos, I thought they were cute. :-)