January 16, 2011

More Than Half a Year

Can't believe this sweet boy is 7 months old already! I think I'll say that forever, but seriously, time is going by so quickly!
His favorite things to play with are electrical cords, electrical outlets, the dog bone, the fireplace, the toilet, the dirt in the plants, anything he shouldn't, of course. He also enjoys bowls and measuring spoons, those keep him occupied for a long time. :-)
But he's still such an easy baby, so content and happy most of the time. He's crawling all over the place (has for almost 2 months!), has 2 bottom teeth, loves to pull up on things and stand there, enjoys his food, still wakes up at least twice at night to nurse and loves to get up at 6am! Needless to say, I'm tired, but I've found a new love for coffee (with cream and agave) in the mornings, which I often start looking forward to at night. :-)

Notice Jason installing the gate behind Spencer at the top of our stairs. Even after it was up, it mistakenly got left open and he snuck over there when I was cooking in the kitchen and managed to fall down all 12 stairs to the bottom. Thank God he was okay, just lots of tears, but not even any bruises or bumps.

This picture was an attempt to get a shot of his 2 teeth on the bottom, but I couldn't get him to show me, and then when did, the picture came out totally blurry. There have been many times since his birth that I have wished I had a better camera, it's a little slow, and I can't catch him very well since he's usually moving!

I think this picture of him standing up from behind is so funny for some reason.