March 30, 2009

Exercise is more fun if you have a partner!

March 12, 2009

Tahoe with friends

We got to go play in the snow in Tahoe a couple weeks ago, and we had such a fabulous time with our friends. Carson played out in the deep snow outside the cabin for a good part of each day, he was in heaven! The guys built a great snow fort, and created small sledding hills, it was such fun! This was the second year our families have gone up to the snow, and we are all committed to making it a winter tradition for as long as we can....and next year we hope to add one more night as the time just passed too quickly.

Livi was so happy to have a baby in the house!

I love this picture of Leif catching snowflakes!

The snow fort!

Byranie, me, Kelli

Muffin or decide!

Here's a super easy, super yummy treat that we like to make at our house:

Mix one box of cake mix (we like chocolate!) and one 15 oz. can of pumpkin together, bake as directed for cupcakes, about 20 minutes. Just those 2 things, don't add the eggs or oil or water, just the powdered cake mix and pumpkin, how easy is that?!

Then you can decide if you want to eat them for dessert or just as a "healthy" snack (with all that pumpkin in there, we justify them being a snack).


March 7, 2009

Please pray for our friends Jenni, Jaron, Avery, & Riley...they are in need of God's healing hand and mercies upon their daughter Riley, 17 months. To follow their story, you can read their blog. Riley has had a lot of trouble with Reflux and just recently went in the hospital to have a feeding tube placed to try to get her to gain some weight. An MRI revealed a tumor on her brain, and they are currently awaiting the pathology report after having the tumor removed last week.

March 4, 2009

Catch up

I've been in a blogging rut! Life's just sort of been chugging along, and I've wanted to capture some thoughts but they seem to be too fleeting for me to remember and blog about. Sometimes it's easier for me to think about my life in terms of "status updates" like on Facebook and I've considered just writing a post with those, but like I said, they've too quickly left my brain before I could record them. :-) I'm an out of sight - out of mind kind of girl, like if I don't write it down, I probably won't remember it too well, if at all. So maybe that means I should be even more careful to blog or journal on paper or something!

To recap a little bit of the past while, here's a pic of the bagels we made. It was so fun and really easy (it took about 4 hours from start to finish, but it was worth it and lots of that time was waiting for the dough to rise). They were delicious, and I told my friend, Kristi, that I'd save her some, but somehow they all got gobbled up, so I guess I'll have to make them again and share them this time! We did Asiago cheese and Cinnamon and Plain. Here's the recipe.

We were having really nice warm winter weather until a couple of weeks ago when the rain set it, so we took advantage of it by being outside a lot.

We went down the the aquarium with Robyn and Ocean and had fun seeing all the wonderful creatures! Livi had fun playing in the Splash Zone and spraying water.

Valentine's Day at our house always involves chocolate delicious and fun, I think we all ate till we had bellyaches!

Livi made a "feeding machine" for her baby, and she wanted to take a picture of me feeding her.

Livi is officially completely out of diapers!!! She'd been wearing them at night for a long while, but once we realized she was drinking too much water at night and stopped that, she was able to stay dry all night. After earning stickers for staying dry 10 nights in a row, we decided to try undies for good. Only one accident during the night has occured and that was several weeks ago, and it was my fault for forgetting to have her go right before yay! It's so great to be diaper free! She got to go to Toys 'R Us and pick something out as a prize. She wanted this swim baby....but got scared by it in the tub, so now she just plays with it without batteries. :-)

Our days have been filled with goodness & mercy, I'm so thankful for the life God's blessed me with. Maybe some deeper thoughts will be posted in the coming days. :-)