July 25, 2007

I've been tagged

A couple of times I've been "tagged" for a "meme" (can anyone tell me what a "meme" is....what does it mean?! Is it cuz it's all about me, me?). So this one is just a list of several things about me that you may not have known....some are weird or surprising, I know. :-) And it's definitely not a complete list. Feel free to do it on your blog, too, I love learning those quirky or fun or new little facts about my friends!

I love the smell of fresh play dough (the store-bought play-doh brand)

I was the drum major (field conductor) of our high school marching band.

I always take my eggs out of the carton in some sort of symmetrical way.

I'd love to go to a U2 concert some day.

I like to jump rope.

I'm always playing some sort of tune on my fingers...sort of like constantly playing piano.

It feels really weird to put my left leg in my pants first or my left sock on first, etc.

I REALLY like the Gilmore Girls and wish sometimes I could be in their world. :-)

Bet you never knew I could make that face!

Or wear my hear so fashionably!

July 18, 2007

Carson's Amazing Adventure

Hey guys! Carson went on this amazing adventure where he got to try all kinds of cool things, check out some of our footage.

July 13, 2007

This is a fun time waster I found when I was wasting some time. :-) It's kind of addictive!

July 10, 2007

My favorite summer drink is definitely lemonade, but even better is lemonade with tea. Trader Joe's makes a really delicious tea and lemonade combo, I love it! Anyways, Carson decided he'd like to try to make some fresh-squeezed lemonade, so we got a bag of lemons and pulled down the old juicer my grandpa gave us, and squeezed away! It was fun and it turned out quite yummy...but boy it sure does take a lot of lemons to make very much lemonade!
A couple months ago, we ate an apple for a snack and then planted the seeds straight into some dirt and gave it some water...a week later it had sprouted and now look! It's really growing into quite a nice little plant! It's been so fun to watch it grow! Carson's very proud of it. So after we made our lemonade we decided to plant the seeds from the lemons we used. We'll see what happens with that one! I'd love to have a lemon tree of our own.

This is what can happen when cooking with youngn's! Especially 2 youngn's. It's so much harder to cook with 2 kids, I feel so much more scattered and distracted. But for some reason this didn't make me too flustered or mad or impatient! I think that I have blogging in the back of my mind a lot now, and so my first thought was aaahhhhhhrrrr, and then my second thought after that was, "Carson, quick, go get the camera, so we can show everybody what Livi did while we were making our spaghetti!" Fortunately we had taken out the noodles we needed already, so only about a pound and a half was dumped on the floor. :-) It would have made for a mad game of pick up sticks!

July 5, 2007

Livi and Her BumBum Jumping

I took this video about a month ago and I feel like she's changed so much since then. She has so many more words now and always loves telling us all about it.

July 2, 2007

Lessons from the Care Bears

A couple days ago, Carson was watching one of his videos and one of the previews was of a Care Bears movie. The theme song goes something like..."Wish all your troubles away, da da da da da..." and it went on about that and I got to thinking, hey, we don't have to wish all our troubles away, we can just give them to Jesus, in fact he wants us to give them to him because he cares for us. 1 Peter 5:7 says "cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you." Isn't that great??? We don't have to wish our cares away, we can actually hand them over to the One who is completely able and desirous (is that a word?) of them. So I mentioned to Carson how silly it was that they were singing about just wishing our troubles away, when we can give them to Jesus and he'll take care of them, and so he naturally wondered why the Care Bears don't just do that? Yeah, I wonder too, they'd be much better off. :-) But honestly, sometimes I do find myself just wishing (maybe not wishing per se, but maybe daydreaming) them away or something like that. Why? Why do I forget that God cares for me and wants to hear all the thoughts on my heart. So the next morning, I woke up early (must have been the Spirit nudging me cuz usually I don't get any quiet time in the morning before there is a cute blonde boy pulling me out of bed) and I got some really good time to just give all the things to Jesus that have been on my worry/burden list. It felt so good to just give my Savior all my troubles, knowing he cares for me and will work them all out in his time. So...thank you Care Bears for the lesson, if only you could know Jesus, too, you'd have a lot more fun sliding down those rainbows and jumping in the clouds, not having to worry about just wishing your troubles away. :-)


We took a short trip to Colorado a couple weekends ago to spend some time with my girlfriends from college and it also was the weekend of my 30th birthday, so Jason and my parents threw me a fun party! It was so great to be in Colorado, I had been feeling pretty homesick for it and I was anxious to see my family and my friends and their kids. It was a whirlwind fun-filled trip. I didn't get any pictures of my times with By, Mis and Paige, and we only got a couple of the party, but we had some fun times with the kids at a creek in my parent's neighborhood and we had our camera along then. :-)

Bumpa has a good collection of tractors, Livi found the one that makes noises, she had a great time playing with it.

This is Livi's face when we ask her to smile!

The boys had fun exploring the waterfall and as you can see it progressed to Carson getting in the water up to his chest. It was a hot day and it felt so good to get wet.

Liv doesn't like the feel of the grass on her feet and legs, but she sure is cute.

We all got to splash our feet in the water, a good leg workout. :-)

Movie Night

We had our second movie night a couple weeks ago. It's so fun to pile up all our pillows and blankets and beanbags, etc. in the living room and sit and watch a movie with the kids. I think we are going to try to make it a monthly thing. The first time we got the Veggie Tales Jonah movie, it was great! We made pizza and had a picnic on the living room floor and made popcorn. Last time we got Toy Story. We had pizza again and we made popcorn (the old fashioned way with corn kernels and oil in the pot...it was much better than microwaved!) and then we had root beer floats. The kids love it and have managed so far to sit through the movies. Livi isn't usually too into the movie, but she sits pretty quietly with us. :-) She's such a snuggle bug and loves to relax.