August 30, 2009


We have a kindergartener! How can that be? The first 3 days went really well, I think he's enjoyed it so far, and he thinks his teacher is fun and funny. I think he's really going to enjoy his year. Mr. Kerley seems to be very into the sciences and geography and exploring and learning thru lots of hands-on experiences, which will mesh very well with how Carson learns. :-)

He comes bounding out of his classroom, seeming very happy and very exhausted.


exhausted...and super annoyed that I asked another mom to get a picture of us.

It's an exciting time, this new phase we are entering. It will be neat when he starts to make friends with the kids in his class. I'm excited to see all the things he will learn this year!

August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Livi!

We celebrated Livi's 4th birthday in Sonoma with some friends, which made for a really fun weekend. Byranie graciously made 3 ice cream cakes for the 3 birthday kids we celebrated and Livi picked strawberry ice cream with pink frosting. She was delighted.

Reese and Livi are a day apart, aren't they darling?

As much as I want to freeze time and keep her the way she is now, I'm excited to see her grow in the coming year.

Happy 4th Birthday sweet girl.
you are a delight and joy
and we are so thankful that
you are in our family.
we love you dearly.

August 1, 2009


My wonderful friend, Byranie, came down for the weekend with her 3 kiddos while our hubbies were away with their college friends for their annual guys getaway. I just love the company of this sweet friend and our kids have such a great time together. I'm so thankful to live close enough to see them every so often. Byranie, you are such an inspiration to me, both as a mom and as a child of God.

Livi adored baby Noelle all weekend, she was so happy to have a baby in the house. Every time we are out shopping, Livi will see a small outfit and say, "Mommy, this would be perfect for baby Noelle!"

Watermelon smiles

Carson and Moose wore their matching outfits all at their own initiative, pretty cute.

Strawberry Picking!