September 25, 2007


I just love the way this one ends!!


The picture says it all. :-)

Children's Books

I've been interested in seeing if any of you fellow blog friends have any good children's book suggestions. Whenever we go to the library, there are so many choices and there are so many weird books out there (as well as really good ones, I'm sure, but I always love a recommendation). So I was wondering if you have a moment to comment on this post as to what your or your children's favorite books are, then maybe we could all benefit from a few new titles to add to our reading times. :-)
Some of our favorite and most often repeatedly read are:
Walter the Baker, by Eric Carle
Pancakes, Pancakes!, by Eric Carle
Watch out for the Chicken Feet in Your Soup, by Tomie de Paola
Any of the Curious George books or other books written by H.A. Rey or his wife, Margaret (Katy N0 Pocket is cute)
The Tomten & The Tomten and the Fox (can't remember the author's name, something Scandinavian)
Minnie and Moo go to the Moon
The Bear Snores On

September 21, 2007

Something to Ponder...

This quote was on my friend Byranie's blog, and I've been thinking about it so much. Lord, I need some more Charity!...

"We have not got far enough if we play a game of cards with the children "merely" to amuse them or to show that they are forgiven. If this is the best we can do, we are right to do it. But it would be better if a deeper, less conscious, Charity threw us into a frame of mind in which a little fun with the children was the thing we should at that moment like best."

C.S. Lewis in The Four Loves
There are so many things I've been thinking about during the last few weeks that I always think would be fun to put down in the blog, but by night time, I've been so tired I haven't been up for recalling the funny things Carson's said or the silly things Livi's done, or they ways in which they completely humble me (like this week when I got really frustrated at Carson and pulled him out of the car to make him go back inside to go potty before we left cuz we were in a hurry, and I sat outside the bathroom waiting for him so I could quickly direct him back to the car, when I hear him saying thru this teeth, "I hate it when my mom does that...I hate it when she talks to me like that..." I was all choked up hearing him talk to himself like that about me, and the bad way I treated him. So when he came out, I wrapped him up in my arms and told him 1. I'm sorry, 2. I shouldn't have spoken so harshly and pulled you out of the car so hard, & 3. will you please forgive me? He graciously forgave me and we went along our way, we weren't even Bible study!!!) I hate it when the nasty side of me comes out at my kids. No wonder Carson talks to me the way he does sometimes, they are little mirrors. God's working on ripening that fruit of self control in my life.

Here's a video from a few weeks ago, as you can see, it's a wonderful world for a boy at the beach!