November 16, 2009

Marker Fun

This is what happens when a little girl gets a hold of a marker and takes it to the other room where her mommy can't see what she's doing!...

Oh Livi, at least it wasn't a Sharpie. :-)

November 5, 2009

Carson's 6th Birthday

One month ago today, Carson turned 6!

He really, really, really wanted footie jammies. Carson's always loved snuggly things, stuffed animals, soft blankets, snuggling in general. When he was 2&3 years old he didn't like the footie part of the jammies so we'd cut them off at the ankles. So after a few years of wearing other jammies, he decided he wanted a new pair of footie jammies, and he was thrilled that I found some at Target that were big enough.....they look so funny and huge when they're not on!

They look pretty cute! And definitely snuggly.

We had a little birthday party with some of Carson's friends at our house. We played "Pin the sponge on Spongebob", where we took a page out of a giant coloring book Carson got last year for his birthday and cut up some sponges for each person and they had to tape them on Spongebob's nose, as close as they could, blindfolded and dizzy. :-) It was quite a hit!
And then we walked down the street to the grass where we did a three-legged race and some other goofy games. Carson had a great time.

At least 4 months ago, I got a magazine in the mail that had a picture of a Boston Creme Pie on the cover and when Carson saw it, (he's our little foodie), he declared that he wanted that for his birthday. He didn't forget it, so that's what we made. It was pretty and delicious! And I had found this sparkler #6 candle at a shop here in town, and it turned out to be really cool!!! The picture below only shows it at the end, but it was quite spectacular....the boys loved it!

A fun birthday celebration of a wonderful boy. We love you Carson!!