September 17, 2010

Rolling Over

Spencer is rolling over now, a little earlier than the other 2 kids did. It's pretty cute, but I have to be much more careful now, if I leave him on a blanket on the floor he scoots and spins all around! What a love.

September 10, 2010

Wild Baby Hair and an Anniversary

I just love the way Spencer's hair stands straight up all the time!

And I love that we got to celebrate 11 years of marriage this August. On our last anniversary, we had no idea that God would be blessing us in the coming year with wild hair baby, and we sure are grateful He did.

Spencer 3 months

I could just eat up this little guy, he's so precious!!

Olivia's birthday

Our sweet girl turned 5 a few weeks ago, and we had a great celebration! She really wanted to have a tea party with her friend Sarah, so we made a reservation at a tea house nearby, and the girls got all dolled up and had a great time enjoying tea and pastries! It was really cute and she was definitely in her element.

We love who you are, sweet Livi, and we're so thankful for you!!