April 30, 2009

Check it out...

My friend, Dawn, makes THE CUTEST hair clips I have EVER seen. She just got her website up and running and it, too, is so cute! These would make a great gift, or you might just even want to get some for your little girls! I am telling you, you won't be disappointed. The hardest part is going to be picking out which ones to buy, you might just want them all...they are all unique and so fun. So check out the Precious Pretties!

Guinea The Pig

We got a new pet this week and she's so sweet! It's kind of wierd to think that we have a little rodent in our house, but I had a feeling we would at some point, so why not now?! :-)
Carson's been wanting a guinea pig for some time, a friend of his has one and their family said they are pretty easy pets. So we went to PetsMart last week and after holding one, Carson fell in love with this particular one that has a funny cowlick on top of it's head. It's really cute and the coloring is really pretty. White with a nice gray/brownish color. Both kids have had a really fun time playing with her, even Livi, who I thought would be more timid about it, has loved her. Gracie, the dog, doesn't seem to really care much. The first 2 days she'd go up to Guinea's (yeah, pretty original, eh?) cage and sniff and bark, but now she doesn't seem to care. So, now we'll have more opportunities to teach a little responsibility around here. Carson is our animal lover, it's been so cute to see him get giddy happy with her crawling all over him.

April 2, 2009

Who needs comic strips?

Need a good laugh today? This really got me going this morning. Maybe it was due to a lack of much sleep last night (Carson woke up at 1:30am, Livi peed in her bed at 3am, Jason was up coughing for an hour till past 4am...) But I think it would have been this funny anyways. Check it out.
Happy Thursday!