February 27, 2007

Fudge Pops & Feeding Babies

Livi was having some applesauce and decided her baby was hungry, too. So she offered some to her. It was so cute, she made all the sound effects and even washed off her face when she was done! She loves her baby. :)

We made some fudge pops the other day from a recipe we got from Alton Brown off the Food Network. They turned out delicious! The kids loved them....and so did I...I found myself sneaking bites throughout the day. Sometimes I have to be a closet eater...when I don't want the kids having what I'm having...that's bad, huh.


Jeff, Christi, Max, and Caden said...

Oh, I am SUCH a closet eater. I totally have to sneak my Dove chocolates and it is tough to be sneaky. I think they know by the guilty look on my face now..."What are you eating, Mama?"

Angie said...

She is SO cute, Michelle!

And no, you're not alone. My girls know I have "something" yummy in my freezer and know the sound of it quietly opening. (Not quietly enough, apparently.) Mmmm... nothing like frozen chocolate chips!