April 19, 2007


These are things I wrote down a long while back on a paper on the fridge, just so I'd remember them, so I'll put them down here. He was 2 when he said these things:

He used to call that yummy meal we make sometimes Chicken Lollipop Pie!
He used to call English muffins Angel muffins.
And when his stomach hurt he had a tummy wake. :-)

Just recently he told me:
"I've been waiting for
years to get flip flops!!" (He still doesn't have them, but apparently he's been really wanting some)

"Mommy, I have mold on my hands...why do I have mold on my hands?" (He said this as he was eating breakfast, and I'm still not sure what he was talking about)

"Why don't I have fur on my hands?" (he's afraid of putting bandaids on his legs or arms or anywhere where there is "fur" since it hurts when we take them off) :-) One time he asked where his fur (down there) went, and then he came to the conclusion that it must have blown off. (Little does he know that when he's about 13 the winds will change and it will come back) :-) hehehe.

"I think we should get Gracie some butt bones!" (after we got Gracie some natural mint bones to make her breath smell better)...hmmm he might be on to something! :-) And yes, she could use some.

I'm sure there will be many more to come, so I'll post them when I can.


Angie said...

LOL! Where do they get these things?! Wouldn't you just love to sit inside his head for a day to watch the wheels turn? He's pretty clever... butt bones! That's hysterical! And I about spit out my Dr. Pepper when I read about the fur "down there"! I am not looking forward to those conversations!!!

Amy said...

Funny, funny stuff!!! :)

Jennifer said...

These are so funny! I laughed out loud about the fur and the butt bones:) I really need to be writing stuff down that Avery says. Hilarious!!