December 20, 2007


I didn't get a picture of this, but the other day I caught a glimpse forward of what Livi might be like in 10-12 more years. She LOVES to chew gum, and actually does pretty well with it, so the other day she had some bubble gum in her mouth, which is so cute to watch her chew, and she was sort of smacking it while she walked around with her purse on her arm and she was talking on her little cell cracked me up. And then a couple days ago she asked me to paint her little toenails and we did and she's so proud of it, and I have to say, it looks so cute on her. It's fun having a girl. :-)

On a totally different note, we rode our bikes to our favorite taqueria the other day, and as we were sitting outside waiting for our food, there was a guy at the table next to us waiting, too. He was a big, tough-looking guy, dressed in black with tats all up and down his arms, not too out of the ordinary, really, for around here, but he caught my attention because we were sitting close enough that I could hear him making a cell phone call to his "mama" and it truly brought tears to my eyes. He said, "Mama?! Hi! I just wanted to call to let you know that I'm really excited to see you tomorrow, and I also promise that I'll watch that whole movie with you. I love you so much, Mama, and I wanted to let you know I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow, I'll talk more to you then! I love you!!...." Now, I have no idea what their relationship is like, but it was precious just to hear those words coming from him. It was a little reminder for me also to not pass judgment for things on the outside, you never know what things are really like in anyone's lives until you get to know them (or till you eavesdrop on their conversations!!!) :-)

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Christi said...

Good job picking up on that one my fellow eavesdropper.

Oh, and I wish I had seen Livi walking around like that - she is so hilarious and fun.