January 14, 2008


"Cleaning while the children are still growing
is like shoveling while it is still snowing."
(Oh, SO TRUE!!!! I saw this on a MOPS email last week and I can't remember who said it, but I've been thinking about it every day since then).

Livi's version of the ABC song:
"A-B-C-D-E-F-G, how 'bout I not sing with you."

And then the best....following is the last paragraph of a Christmas letter we received from some friends that live here, and it really touched me. Sometimes other people can put words to my thoughts so much better than I ever could. May it bless you as well:
"To end this letter we are tempted to close with the words "God Bless." We would say it with all intentions of wanting you to excel, succeed, prosper and be kept from difficulty and pain this coming year. But what we really desire for you is that you really live and prosper with the abundance of God. So, this year we will pray that no earthly luxury would cheat you of true prosperity, which is an abundant life in Christ. If ease and earthly success is given in the process, we rejoice with you, but if you experience hardships and trials this coming year we pray that you cling to Jesus, the giver of abundant life."

Amen, friends!!


Christi said...

Cracking up at Livi's ABC's.

You with us said...

What a great summation of "God Bless". Love the idea of seeing you soon. Could we possible come late afternoon of Sun. the 3rd and spend the night and hang out on Mon a bit? I'll call you soon.

God Bless:).

Michelle said...

I think that would work fine! We also could come up to see you this weekend if everyone is healthy...Carson has had a cold for a few days, and how are your boys now?

Angie said...

I just wrote a comment and then my computer decided to freeze. Awesome!

So if you get this twice, don't post this one.

Otherwise, it went something like this:

"AMEN" to that Christmas letter! It was very well said.

Livi's ABC song is very... inviting! She's such a doll! :)