October 8, 2008

Carson's Golden Birthday

Carson celebrated his Golden birthday this year, he turned 5 on October 5th. I can't believe he's 5 already! We love you Carson and think you are awesome!

I came home from the MOPS convention in Dallas the morning of Carson's birthday, so when we got home from the airport we hung out for a bit and then went to the Boardwalk for some rides, and that was so fun! Carson's favorite was the log ride, which was really fun. He's kind of a thrill seeker, and tends to love the roller coasters and crazy rides the best. It was a beautiful day down there and we had lots of fun.

We came home and had a little party in our driveway with the neighbor kids. It was a dinosaur party, complete with a dinosaur egg pinata that we made several weeks ago out of paper mache & a balloon. Fun stuff. The kids all went up to the court and rode their bikes and scooters till dinner time. It gets a little crazy out there with 14 kids riding around, but they all have so much fun and I'm super grateful for such great neighbors, it's such a blessing.

The next day we had a little playgroup party at the park with a few friends and more cupcakes. :-) Thank you everyone for celebrating our big boy, he had a very special birthday and we are thankful for all of our friends who love him.

We love you sweet boy!!! Happy 5th Birthday!


the mathisons said...

5 years! He looks so big and confident getting on his bike... it is hard to picture Leif that age... it will happen before I know it! Sounds like a fun party!

You with us said...

Happy Birthday, Carson!! What a special golden birthday!

Christi said...

I'm so glad Max has a friend 9 months older to help show us what is next. Carson is such a great example to follow.

Michelle, you have a FIVE YEAR OLD!!!!

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday to Carson! Michelle, can you believe are first borns are getting so big? I love the pictures, especially the shot of the dinosaur with the kiddos blurred in the background. Very cool. Love to you and yours:)

Angie said...

How on earth are our kids 3 and 5? (Well... almost... mine are almost there.) Unbelievable! He's such a cutie.