July 30, 2009

Forts & Kitten

This is the scene I have seen DAILY since school ended. It's gotten more elaborate every week, too, but it's so cool. Carson's got such an imaginitive mind and is so creative and has constructed some pretty amazing forts with our couch cushions, dining room chairs and blankets. I sort of cringe when I see the living room being torn apart every day, but it entertains them so much, so it's okay. These are the things I want them to remember from their childhood, not me being a freak about keeping the house straight. And....we are on week 7 (!) of the kids not watching tv......how can that be? We were in such a habit (and not necessarily a bad one) of watching a couple PBS shows first thing in the morning, but for some reason, and totally of Carson's sole doing....he didn't turn on the tv for the first few days of summer, and I pointed it out and since then, he's quietly been on a mission to not watch tv. It's really funny. He's lost interest in it, and so has Livi. I love that. Although I do miss our little brown friend's morning appearance, Curious George. I sure like that show. :-)
So instead of watching tv....they've begun building forts and playing Kitten.....usually Livi is the kitten and Carson is the Dada (he calls himself that). It's fun to watch them really getting into it and playing so amazingly well together. I love what good buddies they are.

Breakfast on the deck

Dressing up in Daddy's biking gear

...and his CSU garb.

I can't remember what this was....some sort of moon travel/motorcycle/superbaby flying game.


Christi said...

That is so awesome that they are playing so much together! Those imaginations are so amazing!

Bethany said...

So cute! We'll have to get Tori over to play kitty... she LOVES that game. She'll even walk on a leash if someone is willing.

Christi said...

I just showed this to Max and he thought it was hilarious how Carson had gloves on his feet :)

the mathisons said...

I loved this post. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration. I have gotten to depend on George and Sid (the science kid) to get through the morning hour..
We did no TV this morning and it is great to see the kids find their own entertainment!
You are a great mom Michelle... I too need to release the cleanliness of the house so my kids can find more ways to be creative!