February 17, 2011

My life in tweets

Okay, so here are some random thoughts I've had today..there were many more, but these are the ones I made time to come to the computer and jot down. :-)

Gosh, I really like our new bath towels I got at Costco! (After 11 years, our white towels have gotten very drab.)

Carson and Livi chose to eat 16 carrots for dinner last night instead of the leftover lasagna I served them. At least they got their dose of vitamin A!

Big dog + no yard + rainstorm + baby = no fun, or a lot of fun if I try to make it fun by letting the kids bring lego airplanes or cars along to send worms sailing down the hills in the rain. ha!

Look over and see Spencer drooling orange drool on the floor, and then he spit out an orange Valentine's conversation heart...great! Wonder what it said? Maybe "I'm cute"?

Pound Plus chocolate at TJ's...wishing it had lasted longer than a week in our pantry, I could use some right now. :-)

Time is such a strange thing, the way I have such a hard time managing it, the way it goes by so fast some times, and slower at other times. Sometimes it doesn't seem like there is enough time to do the things I want because I haven't managed well the things I "have" to do.

I love this new dental floss....it actually makes me want to floss every night.

More thoughts to come...


Christi said...

This is the Michelle I love and miss. I think this is your blogging style...

Michelle said...

Christi....I've had a blogging identity crisis...I'm trying to get back on my feet again...thanks for your encouragement! :-)

Gloria said...

I miss your blogging too!! Hope you find yourself again soon, it's neat to read what's going on with Michelle and fam!

You with us said...

I love knowing what is on your mind. This is a cute way to do this, too.

Angie said...

YAY!!!! So glad to see a post from you!

We still have the same towels from 11 years ago too! They are ragged, crusty and stained. Lovely.

Giving worms rides in the rain? You are a genius. And totally FUN.

Chocolate called "Pound Plus?" Really? Do you think that's good marketing? (Not that it matters, I still want some.)

I think that next you should blog about your trip to visit me. You know, the one you should take really soon. :)

E and K said...

I have not read through my blog list in a while (nor have I posted to my own blog), but I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed this post :) It was fun to hear the random things going in your life. I hope all is well with you and your family!