August 8, 2011

Colorado Summer 2011

We took a trip to Colorado after Jason's mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. It was so surreal being there for this reason. It was a crazy week, completely cleaning out her entire house and dealing with all that comes with such a loss. Jason and his 3 sisters put together a very nice memorial service for her. It was in a beautiful garden setting, full of gorgeous blooming flowers, perfect for her, as she loved gardening and always had pretty blooms in her maple sap buckets and around her yard. Patti was a very kind and generous person, a fabulous cook, a hard worker, and she loved her family. She will be greatly missed.

The back range was gorgeous, still had so much snow!

This is Spencer (Bozo) pre-first-haircut

After!: He looks so much older! I trimmed up the sides quite a bit but just couldn't bare to cut off his gorgeous curls in back. Now it's getting a little long, and someday soon I might have to trim those up a little bit too. None of the other kids had any sort of curl, so it's cute to see him with them. :-)
My dear, sweet Angie:
So wish we lived closer together.

All of Jason's family:
The Cousins:

Spencer was just beginning to learn to walk

Bumpa makes awesome pancakes:

Hanging out at Pearl Street:

Livi wanted to get a feather in her hair....we walked by and she was eyeing another girl getting one so intently, she was thrilled and surprised when I said yes.

Breakfast with Uncle Matt!

Getting the moving truck all ready, Livi's all set in grandma's golden high heels. :-)
Jason and Carson drove the moving truck back to California with some appliances and furniture and other belongings. It was quite a fun adventure for them.

Somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

Salt Flats in Utah! We had just been watching a car racing show on Discovery a few days before, so it was cool for the boys to actually get to stop there on their way home and experience it!

I will always love Colorado summer sunsets.

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You with us said...

Michelle! Thanks for sharing some pictures from your time in CO. Such a sad reason, but I'm so glad you could be with family.