February 2, 2008

Point Lobos

We had such a great time exploring a new area today. There are so many beautiful places around us and this year we hope to get out more and get to know it all better. We went down to Point Lobos, just outside of Carmel, and we walked on a couple different trails, one in the Cypress forest and one along the rocks down to some tidal pools close to the water.

Carson has such an adventurous spirit, we had to be really careful to be close to him next to the steep dropoffs and slippery rocks. He was having a ball climbing and exploring. He brought his little binoculars and I think he looked out of them almost the whole way down in the car ride.

We went down to a little beach area that was all dark pebbles mixed in with all kinds of really cool shells and rocks, dead crabs, huge pieces of kelp and long pieces of kelp tubes that Carson was having a blast trying to pull out of the rocks. It was fun to discover a new part of God's beautiful creation. Oh yeah, and we saw a sea otter carrying her little pup on her chest, I just love them, they are so cute. And...did you know...we have about 100,000 hairs on our heads and sea otters, in just one square inch, have 1 million hairs!!!! That's how they keep warm since they don't have any fat. Very cool fact, I thought.


Angie said...

That's beautiful! What a fun adventure for you guys. Carson's such a cutie!

Bridget said...

I love the pictures, especially the black and white of the trees! It sounds like a beautiful place, it's so nice you have new areas to explore.

You with us said...

So fun to have pictures to go with your stories. It is definitely beautiful. I can't help but have a stab of fear over the "what ifs" of ocean exploring that we talked about this weekend. Praise God for that beautiful family day.