August 25, 2008

Colorado Summer 2008

We had a great trip to Colorado. It's stressful and sad to me that I can't see everyone I want to see, it really bums me out, but I tried to focus on the things we got to do and the people we got to see and be grateful for that. The kids had so much fun playing with their grandparents and cousins and their Colorado friends. And it's so nice for me to have a change of pace, help with the kids, not as much meal planning (!), etc. It was so great to see our families, we miss them so much!!

The kids loved all the extra Daddy time!

Livi had fun playing with "Talking Baby"...unfortunately we brought her to the "Rocket Park" (Scott Carpenter) and left her in the swings and we couldn't go back to find her...sad.

For months we had been talking about going to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science to see all the dinosaur exhibits. Carson was SO excited. The look on his face when we went in and saw that massive T-Rex was awesome. It was really cool to see all the fossils and for Carson to see what how big they were. We've read lots of dinosaur books, but seeing the bones was really great.

One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to see Angie. We'd never seen each other at the end of our pregnancies, or in the hospital or at home right after, and this trip, I got to do all 3! The only thing I wish I had gotten to do was to bring her a meal! Maybe next time. :-) Baby Brody is SO precious, what a beautiful baby, such a gift to their family. They've been thru a lot to get to this point of holding their precious son, what a joy. I miss you, friend!!

Livi hanging out in the comfy swing at Aunt Bridget's & Uncle Pete's house.

Carson trying his hand at a little croquet, a classic event at the Lambert's. I managed to win the championship, taking out my husband at the very end (he's usually the winner, so it was fun beating him at it. :-) Not that I'm competitive or anything!)

We got to spend part of a day up in Fort Collins where we went to school. It was so much fun to walk around on campus. I don't think we'd been on campus since we graduated over 9 years ago. It was fun to reminisce and to show the kids our old stomping grounds. We had lunch at the Pickle Barrel, an old favorite of mine, they make the best sandwiches.

Go Rammies!!!

We ended the day with a great dinner with Paige and Jonathan. It was fun to see their new home and to meet baby Mac and get to know Mia a little better. What sweeties! We miss you guys, too, and wish we could do dinner more often! Thanks for having us over!!

We had a really fun night with my family in the park in their, frisbee, throwing rocks in the water, etc. Fun summer night!

Livi was teaching my mom and I some dance moves.

On our way up to Breckenridge, we stopped off in Morrison to see the Dinosaur tracks and fossils of bones. I can't believe we lived there most of our lives and never saw this, it was SO cool. We took a little bus tour up the hill for a couple dollars and saw bones in the rocks, foot impressions and footprint fossils, the real deal, never tampered with, it was really amazing to think of all the dinosaurs that used to roam around there. Very cool.

Carson and Morgan by the river.

River rock hopping is always one of the favored activities for Carson & Jason.

It rained a LOT, so there was a lot of crafting done that weekend.

The wildflowers are always amazing up there. It's such a visual treat to see God's amazing creation in all the colors and shapes and sizes.

We are very grateful that we got to have this vacation!


The Robinson Family said...

Sounds like you had a great trip! So sad about "Talking Baby!" So happy you made it to the Pickle Barrel! So fun to see you super quick at the Jacobson's. So beautiful your pictures of the flowers. So...thanks for sharing and bye for now. : )

the mathisons said...

I love that photo of Jason and Livi!!! Colorado is beautiful this time of year... almost every time, but I had just never seen it SO green!

Bethany said...

Dinosaurs in CO??? I had no idea! Looks like you had a great time and you got some really great pictures too. Welcome home, see you Thursday night.

Brian & Rachel Schultz said...

so fun that you guys were able to be back in colo! and fun to see you in front of the csu sign... makes me think back to our years living together... oh, sweet parmelee hall! :) you have a beautiful family michelle!!!

Angie said...

Awww, I miss you too! :(

I was thrilled that you got to come see Brody and I at the hospital. That was really special for me!

I love that picture of Carson looking up at the dinosaur. It's darling!