August 26, 2008

Livi's 3rd Birthday

It was a Dora birthday this year....Livi really likes Dora, but especially her Super Babies, who I think are her cousins or something. She had such a great day, she was so happy all day long. We had a little party across the street at the park the evening of her birthday for some cake and ice cream. It was fun to have our friends gather around to celebrate the life of this precious little girl God's given us. I can't believe our "baby" is 3 now! She's really growing up. She continues to be such a joy to us. She's a ham bone...cracking us up with her antics and dance moves and silly faces. She adores her brother. She REALLY loves babies. She loves to eat most anything with cheese. Since she was a baby she's woken up with a smile on her face. I love her laugh when we tickle her. I hope she always knows how much we love her, but more importantly, how much her heavenly Father loves her. We are very grateful she's our daughter.

Birthday 8/21/05

1st Birthday

2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Birthday morning...present time!

The Dora cupcakes

She got so embarassed when we sang "Happy Birthday" to her, although it made her really happy, too.


Amy said...

What a cute, cute girl! Happy B-day Livi! Can't believe you're THREE!!!!

The Robinson Family said...

How special! Happy Birthday, Livi! You are growing up to be beautiful on the inside and outside.

Bethany said...

Sad we missed it. Glad she had a wonderful time. Very sweet post and I love the b&w photo.

the mathisons said...

What cool cupcakes... what a cool little girl! Happy 3rd little miss Livi!!!

Barb and Andy said...

Michelle, she is adorable!!! Seems like these kids are growing up too fast!

Angie said...

Oh, sweet Livi! I loved seeing the progression of pictures from each birthday. How are our babies growing up so fast?!