November 18, 2008

Things we've been up to:

We have lots of white walls in our house. But painting them is hard because the walls in one room lead to another with no breaks and that leads downstairs, etc....there are not many good stopping points. But we have this little window nook in our living room that we decided to spice up a little bit. I loved it on the paint chip, but when it first went on, it kind of freaked me out. But Jason finished it up when I was gone at a birthday party for the afternoon, and when I came back, it was SO awesome, I love it. It really warms up the living room. I haven't taken any after shots yet, but when I do, I'll put them up.

My friend Bethany had made some really cute little creations out of rocks, acorns, dried up moss, and googly eyes. Hers were way cuter and much more "natural" looking, but the kids had fun painting the rocks and giving them some character....they make me smile. Googly eyes make anything funny.

Grandma Patti (Jason's mom) came to visit last week, and I didn't get any pictures of her.....Patti, you'll have to email me some if you can! Patti is a really great cook and she roasted some sugar pumpkins and we made pumpkin puree for some pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting, very delicious and so fun to use fresh pumpkin.

We went to the aquarium in Monterey, I just love that place. There's always something new to see each time, and there are so many amazingly crazy creatures out there. My favorite part is the Jellyfish.

We went to the beach on Saturday. It was perfect weather and I can still feel my sore muscles from playing frisbee for a long time. It was a great day! Gotta love Livi's get-up...the sunglasses that look like ski goggles, the crazy hair and the undies. :-)

Livi loves to take pictures....this is one she took of us the other night. She does pretty well!


Gloria said...

Wow -- looks like you guys have been busy! But so cool that you have done so much fun stuff as a family!

Arabian Acres said...

Wow! The picture of the jelly fish looks awfully familiar :)

Love the little rocks, way to cute. What was the name of the color you used for the paint in the living room. I'm sure it turned out great as color always helps those white walls.

Christi said...

I need to come see that yellow wall!! I need to write down the names of all your paint colors so far.

And Livi's got some photography skills...maybe her and I could go shoot around sometime :)

the mathisons said...

Can't wait to see the "after" picture of your room! And glad to see an update on you and your family... is it me or do they look older in those photos?

Michelle said...

It's called Beachwalk by Behr. I really like it.

Marcy said...

I'm dying to see the finished paint job. Get your camera out and post it! Love the rock people - so cute:) Happy Thanksgiving Hughes Family!