December 19, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

We went to Johnson's Farm again this year, we just love that place. Nestled amongst the redwoods, it just has a really wonderful feel there. It was a gorgeous day to be there, and we took the tractor hayride up to the top of the hill where we got to roll small pumpkins down the hill and try to get them through a big tractor wheel, so fun. We found a perfect little tree, and he's made a nice addition to our living room. I always love to browse thru the little shop they have in their old barn. Teri (the owner of the farm and who is in my Bible study) has great taste for the things she has in the store, cool ornaments and home decorations, toys, etc. It was a fun day.

Carson was lovin' the goats!

If only the kids didn't look so blah and disinterested, we could have had a good Christmas card picture! I think they were nervous about the man taking the photo. :-)


You with us said...

What fun! I want to see the decorated tree, too!

the mathisons said...

I second the decorated tree request:) what a great place to go!
I think Byranie needs a tree picture as well!