May 15, 2009

Fun with Family

My parents came out for a visit all the way back in March and we had a great time with them. We got to do a lot of fun things and enjoyed some great weather.

We took a hike through the Redwoods down to the river to play for a while. Bumpa is a good rock skipper. :-)

Livi was eager to get in the water, although it was VERY cold.

My beautiful mom enjoying the sunshine on our front porch.

Dyeing Easter eggs

Bumpa made a space helmet for Carson.

A walk down on the Santa Cruz Wharf for lunch and a little treat at Marini's Candy shop. Carson had wanted a big lollipop for a long time, and he was thrilled with his selection.

We drove up Hwy 1 to a small beach we call Pebble Beach, it's a fantastic place to explore with the tidepools and the beaches made of the prettiest colored pebbles. It was a tad colder that day than we expected, but we had a great time.

We also got to enjoy the beaches closer to home.


Marcy said...

okay, thats it...we are coming to California for a visit - those beaches look so fun. Glad you got to see your family Michelle. Loved looking at your pictures - I bet Carson, Livi, Sophie and Thomas would have a grand time together!

Michelle said...

Yes! Come visit! We do feel so blessed to get to live here, I'm sure our kids would all have such a fun time together. I hope you're doing well! How's it going with 3?

the mathisons said...

I love how you and your family spend time together. The beach pictures look so inviting!