May 15, 2009


One of my favorite things to eat for breakfast or a snack is a bowl of plain yogurt (of course the cream top is the best, with all that extra goodness), topped with fresh sliced strawberries and granola (we like the Nature's Path Organic Pumpkin Flax Plus granola). It hits the spot every time. So I was excited when we flew home from Colorado last week and stopped by the Jamba Juice at DIA for a little pre-flight treat (since you have to pay and arm and a leg for anything to eat on the plane these days, sheesh!....what happened to "free" pretzles???). They have a smoothie called the Chunky Strawberry that is essentially this same thing all blended together with peanut butter & soymilk and topped with bananas. So we tried it and it was SO good! I've been replicating it at home, using Trader Joe's plain frozen yogurt and strawberries and granola and peanut butter. We didn't have soymilk on hand this week, so I've tried orange juice for one and cran raspberry for the other. Soymilk would be better, or maybe even cow's milk would work, but they are good this way, too. I never thought about adding granola to a smoothie, but it's quite tasty.


Bethany said...

Sounds like we eat the same breakfast. I love that cereal with frozen berries and greek non-fat plain yogurt, In fact, I just ate my last bite this morning. So, granola in a smootie... can you still sip it through a straw?

Michelle said...

Ooh, yeah, I should try the Greek yogurt, yum! At Jamba Juice, they served this smoothie with a spoon, it was really thick. A straw would have probably worked, but it was fun to eat with a spoon. :-) I guess it just depends on how well you blend it all up and how much liquid you use. My blender chopped up the granola real well, so it would easily go through a straw. I think next time I might just add the granola in at the end and gently blend it so it doesn't chop it up as much, I like the crunch it adds to the texture. Have fun experimenting!

Angie said...

Wait - do you mix the cream in or just eat it? That cream always freaks me out a little. I always think it's gone bad, even though I know better. I'm weird like that.

I think I need a new blender. Does yours blend easily? Mine's a hassle. It is smoothie season for sure, so I'm excited to try some new combos!

(And I think it's a matter of time before they only offer water on flights!)

Michelle said...

If you're Carson, you eat a bite off the top first then mix it in. :-) It's really yummy, all that creaminess! But yes, you are technically supposed to mix it in so it's creamy througout.
My mixer does mix it well. Jason got me a new mixer a couple years ago, cuz my other one wasn't chopping up frozen things very well, and this one works great. It's just a red Hamilton Beach one, you'd find it at Target......maybe you could hint at it for a bday gift?? :-) That's what I did. A good blender is like a good knife, makes all the difference.