June 5, 2009


If anyone lives near a Trader Joe's and needs a really delicious dessert....I have found a new favorite! We love ice cream in our house and we love the chocolate/mint combo....well Trader Joe's has their own Mint Chocolate Chunk ice cream and it is truly one of the BEST ice creams I have ever had.....something about it just is SO delicious....you've got to try it if you like that combo.

And to balance out the unhealthy part of eating a bowl of delicious ice cream....I've come upon something else at Trader Joe's that I eat daily as well. I know I should probably be taking a daily vitamin to make up for the things I don't eat enough of (veggies!) and to give my body other vitamins/minerals it needs, but I just don't enjoy taking a swallowable one that has a nasty aftertaste....so while buying my kiddos some vitamins at TJ's recently, I noticed they have a multi-vitamin in gummy form (for adults!!!). So I've been taking my daily vitamins now since they taste like candy!! Hey, it's better than no vitamin at all, right??

So if you can, head to your local TJ's and see what fun things you can find! I'm not sure how I lived all those years without this wonderful store.


Angie said...

Agh! You taunt me with Trader Joe's. Send me some of that ice cream, okay? It sounds great. Although Ben and Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie ice cream is hard to beat.

And crazy as it sounds, I've actually had those TJ gummy vitamins! And crazier still, is that you and I are the same and I started taking vitamins again about a week and a half ago. Except mine aren't gummy and still have that yucky aftertaste. I just decided to suck it up and be a big girl. But gummy sounds much more inviting! (Have you ever taken fish oil pills? OH. Talk about after taste! And then you burp...! OH YUCK.)

Hey! I just thought of this. They should make vitamins in ice cream form. I'd be sold!

kerrie said...

A couple years ago, Lindsay had an interview out in Birmingham, AL. I was actually distraught at the concept of not have TJs available to me. I totally know what you mean about the place—it's fantastic. I just wish they'd put one in Longmont.

You with us said...

All right, how late does TJ's stay open because that ice cream sounds delicious!