June 22, 2009

Big Sur Camping Trip

Here's a smorgasbord of pictures from our super fun camping trip a couple weeks ago down at Pfeiffer Big Sur Campground. We live in such an amazingly beautiful place, and it was so fun to go camping as a family for the first time ever! The kids LOVED it and Carson was in his element...dirt, fire, water, s'mores, and a tent with a "pet den" that he slept partway in. :-)

The scenery is unbelievably gorgeous!

Livi waking up in the morning, smiling as usual. She slept the best of all of us.

We went on a beautiful hike to a waterfall, and then up further to a valley view.

Carson found the biggest dandelion we've ever seen....look at that dirty face! I think it was like that most of the weekend. :-)

Morning snuggles.

A powdered sugar donut breakfast. Yum!

It was such a great time. It felt like a good balance of relaxing, hiking, reading, playing, and all around memory-making. We taught Carson how to play Checkers and Battleship which were fun to play in the sunshine at our picnic table. Livi took a nice nap after our hike, so I got to sit and read in the sun while Carson and Jason explored the river for a couple hours. We are looking forward to going camping again this summer.


Gloria said...

Those are some fun pictures. I think it's so fun and easy to make memories while camping because there are no distractions of toys, TV, telephone, etc. Just the family!

The Robinson Family said...

Sounds so fun! What a beautiful place. Makes me look forward to doing those things with our kiddos. : ) I love the picture of Jason and Livi snuggling. Hope you are all well. I miss seeing everyone this weekend. : (

Cathy said...

Wow. It's beautiful there! I want to go!! I also want a hat like Livi's! The picture of her with Jason is just perfect. What a treasure to make those memories with your family!

Bethany said...

Wish we could've joined you. Looks like so much fun. We've got to plan our camping trip soon! Seriously that picture of Jason and Liv needs to be framed. Priceless memories.

You with us said...

Wow! What a perfect trip! The picture of Jason and Livi looks a magazine or a movie or something. What a great family!!

Marcy said...

What fun! Big Sur is so beautiful - hope to get out there one day! Looking forward to doing a family camping trip soon - just waiting until we only have ONE kid in diapers:) Hopefully we'll make it by the end of the summer!