August 1, 2009


My wonderful friend, Byranie, came down for the weekend with her 3 kiddos while our hubbies were away with their college friends for their annual guys getaway. I just love the company of this sweet friend and our kids have such a great time together. I'm so thankful to live close enough to see them every so often. Byranie, you are such an inspiration to me, both as a mom and as a child of God.

Livi adored baby Noelle all weekend, she was so happy to have a baby in the house. Every time we are out shopping, Livi will see a small outfit and say, "Mommy, this would be perfect for baby Noelle!"

Watermelon smiles

Carson and Moose wore their matching outfits all at their own initiative, pretty cute.


Christi said...

I just love how Livi is with babies!

Lindsay said...

My kids have totally been doing the fort thing, too! Keeps them entertained for quite a while, though so I don't mind either :). The picture of the place you went camping is absolutely GORGEOUS. What a view (and a cute family, too)!

Gloria said...

Looks like she'll make a good mommy someday! :)