August 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Livi!

We celebrated Livi's 4th birthday in Sonoma with some friends, which made for a really fun weekend. Byranie graciously made 3 ice cream cakes for the 3 birthday kids we celebrated and Livi picked strawberry ice cream with pink frosting. She was delighted.

Reese and Livi are a day apart, aren't they darling?

As much as I want to freeze time and keep her the way she is now, I'm excited to see her grow in the coming year.

Happy 4th Birthday sweet girl.
you are a delight and joy
and we are so thankful that
you are in our family.
we love you dearly.


the mathisons said...

Livi is such a beautifully sweet little girl! I was glad it all worked out for us to all be together for the kids' Birthdays.

Marcy said...

Happy Birthday to Livi! Man, those girls are gorgeous! Sounds like a fun weekend celebrating with the Thomas family. I can't believe we have kindergartners! Yikes, where did the last 6 years go?