September 13, 2009


Carson really wanted to ride cousin Brianna's horse while we were visiting this summer and the timing worked perfect for us to spend some time at the stables one evening while their other horse was being trained. He was so excited. Livi was so scared. She clung to me the whole time, just watching, and then when I got up on Buddy, she sat in the car and waited. But by the end, she was brave enough to brush him out, which she thought was pretty cool.

Brianna was so sweet to lead him around so many times!

Brianna showed us everything in the barn and what it's for.

Cousins! And I love that Brianna is wearing Jason's mom's old cool!

Thank you Bridget and Brianna for such a fun experience....and for letting us ride Buddy, even though he was hot and tired. He's such a beautiful horse. I just love that you guys get to have horses and get to be with them so much. Thanks for showing Carson and Livi everything...that was a fun time. We miss you guys!


Marcy said...

Sophie would absolutely give her right arm to be able to do this! How fun for your kiddos. That is so cute that Livi sat in the car to watch! Horses are big animals to a petite little princess like her.

Arabian Acres said...

Thanks Michele for posting those. I couldn't waiting to see the kids on the horse. And you are welcome! Anytime you are out here and the kids want to ride they are welcome to do so.