September 11, 2009

Livi's First Day of Preschool

Livi was so excited to go to preschool this year. I think she saw how much fun Carson had last year and wanted some of that. She's at the same school as he was, but at a different campus, so it's sort of all new for us. It's such a great school, cute classroom and lots of little girls in her class.
We dropped her off that morning and she was happy, same with Thursday, in fact, she said with a smile and a sweet voice thru the little waving window, "Bye mommy, go away." But this week she has not been as excited to go. Crying during breakfast, saying she wants to stay home and be with me. But once we get her to school, she does great and is happy and is smiley when I pick her up. All afternoon she'll tell me little tidbits about her day, which I love to hear. It's an adjustment for her and us, too! It feels super wierd to be here at the house with just Carson. I've loved the time I've had with him for sure, it's pretty special to have mom all to yourself, even when there's just 2 kids in the family. :-) The first day we dropped her off and left, Carson said, "Yay, Carson and Mommy time!!"
I know Livi's going to learn a lot this year and make some great friends, what an exciting time in her little life!

her sweet teacher, Mrs. Sondreal


You with us said...

So cute! I am glad you get time alone with each of your cuties. Some special memories are going to be in the making... XOOXOX

Janelle said...

How cute! Mrs. Sondreal is my aunt :) She is wonderful!

Christi said...

I love that cute expression she has in the picture with her teacher.

How fun to have Mommy and Carson time...what a treat!

the mathisons said...

I am glad that she is liking school... although I cannot blame her for having a difficult time choosing wether to stay with her mommy or go... she's got a great mommy!
Looking forward to seeing her and all of you this up coming weekend!