January 31, 2010

Wilder Ranch

We took advantage of the sunshine today and got out for a nice hike in Wilder Ranch. The views were incredible, and the kids did pretty good, except for on our way back when Livi tripped and fell in some mud. As much as she likes hiking, she was pretty miserable the rest of the way to the car. Carson had fun climbing trees and flinging mud and hiding in the big dry ravines created by the rain alongside the trail. And on our way down, we saw a bobcat! He was catching something, looked like a small rabbit or a mole or some other small critter. He was pretty close to us, and looked right at us several times. It was kind of creepy, but also fun to see in the wild! I'm just so glad we didn't come upon any mountain lions.

24 weeks!


Gloria said...

Look at you -- all preggers and hiking around!! You put me to shame, the best I can do is hike myself up the stairs to get a bowl of ice cream!!! :)

Amy said...

cute, cute, CUTE belly, Michelle! You are such a beauty!!!!

Brian, Emily, and Violet said...

What a beautiful day! Great pictures, especially the belly shot, I love it!

Christi said...

Ahhhh...you are adorable!!

You with us said...

A bobcat! How fun (and a little creepy). I've heard you never see a mountain lion unless they want you to -- right before they attack you! Yiy, they creep me out.

Anyhoo, so fun you enjoyed the sunshine!

We can walk from our new town to a regional park that has some fun trails. You guys will have to come up for a stroll.;)