February 7, 2010

Dreamy Cream Scones

On Facebook this morning, a friend of mine posted that she was pulling something yummy out of her oven and she linked to this recipe: Dreamy Cream Scones. I had to try them right away. And dreamy they were. I love scones, but sometimes it's hard to find really good ones. These were awesome. Maybe it helped that I put some chopped up chocolate chips and some cranberries and raisins (since I was out of currants), but the texture and everything about them was very dreamy. We managed to eat the whole batch today. :-) This one's a keeper.


Marcy said...

Those look so yummy. Really similar recipe to the cream scones that I make almost every week. Your recipe uses butter AND cream, which I am sure cannot be bad! Do you have the Joy of Cooking? Check out the cream scones - they are great and super easy since they only use heavy cream. I could eat scones all day long:)

Michelle said...

Once a week....that's awesome! I might have to start doing that! Baked goods/pastry type of things are one thing that I've really wanted during this pregnancy....which isn't too far from my regular state of being, I love that stuff....but it's just been sounding extra good. I'll have to look up that recipe, I don't have that cookbook, but I'd like to try it. Maybe some day we can sit and eat scones together. :-)

You with us said...

Um, I know what I want for breakfast in Tahoe;).