September 17, 2010

Rolling Over

Spencer is rolling over now, a little earlier than the other 2 kids did. It's pretty cute, but I have to be much more careful now, if I leave him on a blanket on the floor he scoots and spins all around! What a love.


Christi said...

You had us on the edge if our seats, Spencer! I think it was the effect of the background music that really has us though.

Michelle said...

Christi - it was either that or my really high pitched baby voice....sorry bout's so annoying when it's recorded! No wonder it drives me crazy when Livi does that all day long to him, she's just copying me!

Brian, Emily, Violet, and Jack said...

Good job Spencer! Jack is doing the same thing, they would make great rolling buddies! And cute blanket :)

Michelle said...

Yes! I meant to say in the post that the blanket was the one you guys made me at the shower since I never posted a picture of it! I love it! Em...let's get our boys together soon to roll around together. :-)

Angie said...

Oh, I LOVE this! He is such a doll. I'm so glad I got to snuggle him when you were here last month. I can't believe he's rolling over! What a big boy!

And your voice isn't annoying AT ALL. You're adorable.

And that blanket is gorgeous!!!! Will you post a bigger picture of it? The colors and fabrics are amazing. And that bird is so cute.