September 10, 2010

Wild Baby Hair and an Anniversary

I just love the way Spencer's hair stands straight up all the time!

And I love that we got to celebrate 11 years of marriage this August. On our last anniversary, we had no idea that God would be blessing us in the coming year with wild hair baby, and we sure are grateful He did.


You with us said...

Happy Anniversary! You have a lot to show for your 11th year of marriage;).

Christi said...

I love all of these pictures! Yep, that little guy definitely looks scrumptious!

the mathisons said...

What a cute baby boy! I remember Breck having the stand up hair and loving it as well :)
Happy Anniversary!!! 11 years looks great on you guys!

Marcy said...

What a sweet little face - and I LOVE his hair! Happy Anniversary:)