March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday Gracie!

Gracie turned 6 today, so we made her a cake. Well actually the cake was for us, it was a great excuse to make one! She turned her nose up at the cake part (it was a really good Paula Dean banana cake recipe), but she loved the lick of frosting we gave her.

The kids love Gracie...she really is the best dog with them, she puts up with everything! We love her, too, despite all her wierd quirks and the many times she's almost been given away, she does bring us a lot of happy times, too. :-)
Happy Birthday, Gracie!


Amy said...

Oh, Gracie dog! Hope you had a great Birthday, ol' gal! :)

Any excuse for cake is a good excuse by us!! :)

I love the pic with both of the kids hugging her. So cute!

Christi said...

What a sweet dog. Your kids are going to have such cool memories of growing up with her.

Belleza Family said... are too cute! I just want our dogs not to smell.....waiting for the underground fence to get put in one of these days to get the dogs away from the house. They are right by the spa.....stinky!
Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Michelle, it's fun to watch your kids grow...this blog thing is a good deal! Wish we were there to play in the pool and enjoy the warm weather!

Angie said...

Of course you made cake for Gracie! That's just so YOU! :) She is sweet, Michelle. I have a picture of Emma hugging her that just melts my heart. Gracie's a keeper - just keep reminding yourself!

Anonymous said...

Crazy Gracie!! I Love that dog! She's the best running partner. Miss you all.
Love ya, Mom