March 16, 2007

Water Baby

Livi loves to play in the water. I remember when Carson was right around her age, maybe a little earlier, he started to love the water, too. Every day she asks for "bup" which means "up" (onto the counter) and then "bup" again, which now means "cup". The weather has been so nice, so every day this week, we've been out in the front of the house on the driveway with the water table and the pool and the's been so much fun. I even get to relax in the sun a bit while they play. And we've gotten to know some of our neighbors better in the process, as they come over after school to play with the kids in the water. It's been great, I'm looking forward to more and more of it this summer. Carson's already starting to get a little tan. :-)
We went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium on Monday with some friends, and we had a great time. We were there for about 4 hours and we were all very tired by the time we headed out. Good thing there was a Starbucks on the way to the car so we could get a little refreshment. :-) Fortunately I remembered to bring the camera (I have blogging in the back of my mind a lot these days) but unfortunately the camera had no batteries in it when I pulled it out to get a picture of the kids, so no photos to show you of our fun day. Maybe next time.
I'm so thankful for this life God's given me. I'm so happy I get to stay home with my precious kids and soak up all these moments when they are young and love to give me hugs and kisses and crawl all over me and just play, play,'s so great. And the sunshine outside has a really great way of making the days even better. And the tulips! Oh spring bulbs, I love them. I got a whole bunch of tulips for the kitchen table at Trader Joes for $5.99, there were 18 orangy/red beautiful tulips in the bunch, and it cheers me to see them.

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Jeff, Christi, Max, and Caden said...

Yeah, it's weird, lately I have been having these grieving feelings of missing this stage in life someday. I know it's silly to grieve ahead of time, but it does make me sad to know we won't get these days back.