June 19, 2007

The Boy's First Camping Trip!

Jason's been dreaming of the day he could go camping with his boy since long before we were even pregnant! (Good thing God gave us a boy!) So a couple weekends ago, he took Carson over to Henry Cowell Redwood state park (about 5 minutes from our house) to stay the night out in the wild! Carson was so excited and told everyone about it a couple days leading up to the trip. I took the kids to Gilroy Gardens Friday morning and they napped on the way home, so he was well rested when Jason got off work a little early to take Carson away for the night. I so wished I could have been a little fly on the wall of that tent to see his reaction to everything (we have to buy a bigger tent if we all want to go camping!). He had a great time. They played in the dirt, threw rocks and sticks, went for a walk, climbed on branches, etc. They roasted hot dogs and had s'mores. Carson snuggled up in my sleeping bag and slept all night long! Here are a few pics:


E&K said...

That is so fun!! Eric and Molly have talked about having a campout in the backyard this summer. We'll see if it happens...Ellie and I will probably choose to sleep in the air conditioning : )

Christi said...

That is so awesome...he is such a great dad.