July 2, 2007

Movie Night

We had our second movie night a couple weeks ago. It's so fun to pile up all our pillows and blankets and beanbags, etc. in the living room and sit and watch a movie with the kids. I think we are going to try to make it a monthly thing. The first time we got the Veggie Tales Jonah movie, it was great! We made pizza and had a picnic on the living room floor and made popcorn. Last time we got Toy Story. We had pizza again and we made popcorn (the old fashioned way with corn kernels and oil in the pot...it was much better than microwaved!) and then we had root beer floats. The kids love it and have managed so far to sit through the movies. Livi isn't usually too into the movie, but she sits pretty quietly with us. :-) She's such a snuggle bug and loves to relax.


E&K said...

So fun! What a good idea...you are such a fun mom!

Amy said...

How fun!! You guys do so many fun things together! Good for you!! :)

I'm still waiting for some pics from your fun b-day! :)