June 5, 2007

Remember this dress, Mom?

I was recently going through a bag of clothes my mom had kept from when I was a little girl. I came across this dress among other items that were too small, but this looked like it would still fit, so I tried it on Liv. It wouldn't work as a dress, but it sure made for a cute shirt! 28ish years later your little granddaughter is wearing it, Mom!...isn't that fun?! :-)

Posts to come...in case you were hanging on the edge of your chair waiting for a new post on our blog...here are 2 in process...I've been keeping a laundry tally for the last 7 weeks because I've been curious as to how many loads of laundry we actually do on a weekly basis. I've been reading lately on other people's blogs about the various types of laundry tacklers and I fit into the category of doing all of it at once, when it no longer fits into the hamper and things are dangling out and stuffed to maximum capacity and then some, so most of our laundry is done on Mondays after not wanting to do it on the weekends and on Fridays so I won't have to do it on the weekends and waste precious family time folding clothes, or maybe so it's so that I can do other more fun and selfish things while Jason is helping me with the kids. :-) But hey, it gets done and I am SO super grateful that we have machines that do all that hard work for us! So...I'll let you know what our grand average is in another week or so, I wanted to give it 2 months.

Also...I just finished knitting a dress for Livi. I've been working on it for a while, it was super easy, but it just took a long time to do. So when I get a good picture of her in it, I'll post it. It's so fun and satisfying to make things, whenever I complete something, no matter how hard or even mundane it was at points, seeing the final project always makes me want to start in on something else right away. She really needs a white sweater, so I was thinking of trying to make her one with a really simple pattern I have and some inexpensive soft white yarn I bought a while ago and my big needles so it will go fast. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

Michelle, I had to laugh at your up and coming post on laundry...b/c I too think about how much laundry I'm doing in a week. I look forward to hearing the results!

Christi said...

I can totally picture you in that dress as a little girl...so cute.