March 24, 2008

Easter 2008

We had a fun Easter this year. A playgroup Easter party at the park, a helicopter Easter egg drop/hunt, and an awesome church service on Sunday to celebrate the life we have because of what happened the weekend of Easter. Here are a few pics from the events.

Carson surprised us so much by wanting to stand next to the Easter bunny for a picture. He had no reservations whatsoever and was thrilled to give a good smile and hug the bunny. It cracked us up so much, and he was so proud of himself and thought it was so fun. He kept saying how soft he was. When we got in the car he said to us, "I wasn't quite sure what smile I was going to do when I got my picture with the bunny, but I decided to do this one..." and then he showed us which one he decided to do. It was so funny.

We made hot cross buns this year, it was Carson's idea and they were pretty yummy.
Our ham, spinach, cheese croissant strata

Fruit Pizza

Livi loves to blow bubbles!!!



Angie said...

Carson's so silly! :)

I love the new sylin' glasses, Michelle! (Maybe they're not new, I just haven't seen you in glasses for awhile!)

You with us said...

I love what Carson said about not being sure ahead of time which smile he was going to do. He obviously was thinking the whole thing out.

Love all the pics of yummy food and the Hughes family. Have fun in CO!

petiteblogger said...

Such fun pics! Carson's hilarious with which smile he wanted to use... I'm glad you had a good Easter and it's fun to see what you guys did! I love your skirt you made in the last post, by the way! So creative! I want to see a picture of Livi wearing it next to your dining room chairs... :)

Lindsay said...

Hi Michelle!

I think I have looked at your blog before (thru Christi) but I never left a comment :). Are you the one who made her a really yummy chicken pot pie?? Anyhow, nice to meet you via blogland. Your kids are adorable...and your Easter food look delicious!

I'll have to check out more of your blog, the little skirt you made below is very cute!