April 4, 2008

Colorado Trip

The kids and I spent last week in CO with my brother while my parents went on vacation. We had such a great time. It's always so fun to see friends and family and this time we even got to have SNOW!!
If you (my friends/fam in the Boulder area) are up for a really good cup of Chai, my friend John took us to a coffee shop called The Cup down on E. Pearl St. and it was truly the best Chai ever. Make sure you order it extra hot and it's the one that starts with a B...there are 2 kinds :-) Thanks again John!
I wished I could have had time to see everyone, that's always the hardest part of coming home is not being able to do it all.
So here are just a few pics from a few of the things we got to do.
Carson just loves sweet Emma

Emma, Livi, Carson, Addie

We had quite an adventure around the lake. It was super windy and the kids all ended up wet, but they had a good time. And the view of the snow-covered back range in the distance was awesome.
They just grabbed each other's hands and walked along the path. Angie and I were scrambling for our cameras, it was too cute.

Carson's latest favorite thing is to cut up paper to make different costumes. This one was a dinosaur (which he's really into lately). He made the whole thing (back, tail, and claws also included) and thanks to John's fabulous taping job, it stayed on his shirt all week. The cutest was when he was wearing it in the car and he fell asleep with the whole get-up on...it was hilarious.
This was the first morning of snow, which quickly melted, but was super fun while it lasted.

Livi enjoying her vacation treat of Fruit Loops for breakfast.

We got to spend most of the day with Grandma and Bumpa when they returned from their trip before we had to leave to go home, and that was also the second time it snowed. This time it was enough to make a snowman and a small igloo. Notice the boots - borrowed from Grandma - they worked quite well, although it was freaky looking at his feet thinking that before long they really will be that big, and at that point, he'll probably also be taller than me. Wow.

What a cute snowman!! Gradie the dog kept coming up and taking off his carrot nose to try to eat it.

Carson got this big dinosaur while we were there, so it was his carry-on on the plane. Dinosaur even got a Denver Police sticker from the officer at security.

Carson got to meet the pilot and actually sit in his seat with his hand on some throttle thing. He was SUPER excited....what a great way to end a good trip, the kids did incredible on the plane, I was so thankful.


Megan said...

That looks so fun!! I'll bet your kids get so excited to see snow...I definitely miss that for my kids here in AL! :)

Lindsay said...

I just had to comment because Carson's dinosaur costume reminds me so much of what my oldest, Will, used to do. He did the same thing and now he is still always creating funny little things, signs, etc, and taping them on his shirt....

Anyway, that was really cute, I love the dino costume he created! He's a creative little boy!

the mathisons said...

I am glad you guys had more snow fun! I love that picture of the kids holding hands... how sweet is that!
Maybe they are the next Jason and Michelle:) I love that you guys have known one another for so long!

You with us said...

Yea! You had snow (twice)! I am so happy that you had so much fun with Angie and her kids. They are such sweet friends. I also love Carson's costumes. He is so creative.

Bridget said...

So cute! I'm glad you had a great time visiting and I'm so sorry we couldn't get together. I look forward to the trip in the summer when we can all see each other.

Angie said...

So, Emma was peering over my shoulder and with a grin asked, "Who's that girl with Carson?" What a stinker. I'm not sure it was mock jealousy or just wanted a little attention, but she blushed when I said, "YOU!"

We had so much fun with you guys. It's always too short though. :( I have some cute pics I'll send you (or post on my blog!).