June 24, 2008

31st Birthday Fun

I had such a great birthday on Tuesday! I received so many wonderful birthday greetings, thank you everyone for making my day so special!

Jason woke up early (amazing for him!!!!!!) and made me some blueberry muffins (a tradition since I was a little girl) and brought them to me in bed along with some delicious orange juice. So we snuggled in bed with our muffins, it was great. He fell back asleep while I finished up my Bible study for our meeting that morning (I'd HIGHLY recommend Priscilla Shirer's studies, she rocks!)

Then my awesome friend, Robyn, brought me my favorite coffee....a hazelnut latte...to Bible Study, so sweet, especially considering she had to lug her two small children into Starbucks on the way to church, a major feat when you are in a hurry! And she made me a REALLY cool apron, the likes of which you will soon see debuted on Etsy.com :-)

After Bible study I took the kids down to Target, which we don't do too often since it's not too close by (which is probably good for the pocketbook!). We spent, yes, 3 hours (!) there. The kids did awesome. We ate our way thru the store....peanuts, yogurt, fruitsnacks, baked chips, the healthiest things I could find in the "grocery" aisle.
I bought a tent that was on sale, it's amazing how inexpensive tents are nowadays. I'm super excited to be able to go camping as a family now, I'm hoping to go somewhere along the coast this summer....anyone know of any good places?

When we got home from Target, I went into the kitchen and there on the counter was a chocolate cake that Jason had made for me when he came home for lunch.....what a sweetie! Baking for me twice in one day...wow!!!

To end the day we went out to Bruno's BBQ for dinner, a place we hadn't tried before. It was alright, what I ordered wasn't wonderful, but I might be up for trying it again. We got to sit outside, and I didn't have to cook, so that made it good. :-)

And then we came home and had the delicious chocolate cake for dessert.

Cards in the mail, e-cards on the computer, phone calls, chalk-written notes from the neighbor kids, notes on my "wall" on Facebook, lovies from the kids and hubby, sweet gifts, and an awesome blog post from a dear friend all made for a special day. Bring it on 31!


Lindsay said...

you turned 31 on June 24th? So did my husband!

Happy Birthday!

Creamer Family said...

What a great husband! Todd hasn't baked for me yet. Maybe this is the year.

Bethany said...

I'm glad you had such a wonderful birthday! Sorry I didn't call or write, I meant to...oops. Hope we get together soon and celebrate.

the mathisons said...

It is easy to see why all these people wanted to shower you with love and attention on your birthday... you are an amazing person, Michelle. I am glad your day was special.

Creamer Family said...

Thanks for the book suggestions. I have read Memory Keepers Daughter. It was great, but so sad. I just finished The Time Traveler's wife, which made me cry and cry. I also just read The Handmaid's Tale which is very strange. Good job last night at the meeting. I'm bummed to miss the retreat.