June 18, 2008

The Garden

A friend of ours offered us a piece of their land to have a little garden plot. I was so excited since we don't have any type of yard where we're at, and even small garden boxes would be hard to do. So we went and picked out our veggies at the garden shop and headed over to their house. We had to till the land and work up all the dirt and weeds, it was quite a workout!
We ended up planting a couple rows of lettuce, a red bell pepper plant, a green pepper plant, a couple rows of red onions and a tomato plant. We'll see how they turn out! I went over there last week and the lettuce was completely gone....not sure if the bugs got to it or the really hot days we had 2 weeks ago. We might have to replant something in it's place.

1 comment:

petiteblogger said...

That looks like such fun! So sad about your lettuce, though. Any rabbits around there? Maybe they came over from my yard...