June 21, 2008

Fun times with Grandma

My mom was in town last week and we had such a great time together. She works at a school, so as soon as she was done with work for the summer she hopped on out here from Colorado. We went strawberry picking and made a pie, we went to the beach a couple times, went shopping, went to the library and swim lessons and just had a great time hanging out. The kids were all over her the whole week, having such fun playing with her. They all slept in the same room which was so fun for the kids. I didn't get very many pictures from the week, but we sure had a great time. Thanks for making it such a wonderful week for us, Mom! We love you tons!!!!!

We came home with 15 lbs of delicious berries

Livi was SO tuckered out from all the fun during the week, she just couldn't make it till dinner.


Creamer Family said...

Michelle, your mom look slike she is young enough to be your sister!

petiteblogger said...

I'm so glad you had such a good time! Those strawberries look delicious... :)

Natalie said...

Hey Michelle, I can by way of Angie's blog. Wanted to jump over to wish you a very Happy Birthday! You two seem to have a wonderful friendship!