July 9, 2008

Middle of the night ponderings

Carson's always been very strategic, dare I say manipulative, when it comes to not wanting us to leave his room when it's time to say goodnight. Last night he woke up close to 4am, and at first he was barely awake, but wanted his music back on. Sometimes that's all it takes, but other times, like last night, it becomes at least an hour of going up and down the stairs to his room trying to get him to go back to sleep. Last night he had some questions he just had to ask. The first one was "Why are there bad people in the world?" Such deep thoughts for a young mind in the middle of the night, but we talked about it briefly, till he was on to his next question..."How do they make yogurt, and how do they make it fluffy?" And then, the last one of the night..."How fast does Bumpa's (Grandpa's) car go?" He seemed satisfied with my answers, and we left on a positive note. I'm still trying to figure out the best way to handle his middle of the night wakings, which don't happen very often, but when they do, they're usually not brief and I end up getting mad...that technique doesn't work. I guess I just need to be grateful that he is usually a great sleeper. I do feel tired today, as it was a tad hard to fall back asleep when it was getting light at 5am! I can't believe how early it starts getting light now! And the birds are so happy at that time of day.

On another sleeping note....Livi is on night 4 of sleeping in the day bed that has been in her room. She likes it and has slept great every night. I'm so glad. Last night we had to convince her that she really did want to sleep in her "big bed", cuz she thought it would be more fun to sleep in her crib again, but we didn't want to do the back-and-forth thing, so Jason, in all of his wonderful daddy-ness got her to realize how cool it was and she snuggled right in. So tonight Jason took the crib down. Meanwhile I was in Carson's room cleaning up from what looked like a tornado had come through, and I just couldn't bare to go in and see the process, it made me so sad. Not that Livi was growing out of it, but just wondering if there would ever be another baby in our family to use that crib. After 5 years of having it up and being used, it's sad to see it go down, not knowing if that was our last time in that phase of life. We'll have to see what the Lord brings about.


the mathisons said...

Carson has a great mind... i've woken up in the middle of the night with stuff on my mind. I wonder if Dale would be as patient with me if I woke him up to ask them? You are such a great mom, Michelle. Even is you do get upset at times... that just shows you are human as well.
The little ones only stay little for so long. I look Leif in his crib as he is filling it out... and my heart aches to hold him like a tiny baby telling him to stop! Stop growing up so fast!

Angie said...

Carson's little wheels never stop turning, do they? Maybe you've got a genius on your hands.

I know how you feel about the crib, only because as I have been packing up Addie's clothes as she's outgrown them, I can't help but wonder if I'll get to use these "girl" clothes again. And then when we found out this was a boy... it REALLY made me wonder. We're about to paint our pink nursery blue, and I know I'll be in tears the day we do.

Why am I commenting? I'm going to call you now. :)

Lindsay said...

Such sweet thoughts, Michelle and I am right there with you. Your blog made me realize I need to cherish these times with my little ones (even when I am so tired and they are driving me crazy) because there will come a day you wish you could go back.

Cute 4th of July pictures as well! :)

Christi said...

I was just thinking today about moving out baby equipment and all the feelings that go with it. We gave back the bouncy seat and my initial feelings of feeling good about making more space were knocked aside by my realization that I'll never put my own little baby in a bouncy seat again. Each little stage that Milo passes means we will never experience that again and I feel so relieved and heartbroken at the same time.

How DO they make yogurt? And I've been wondering about why there are bad guys myself.